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In addition to its concept of life-work balance, The Olive Place makes relaxed and modern living possible with a wide array of modern amenities and facilities. While it does take pride in its prime location that provides accessibility to a wide range of services, residents do not need to step outside of the building in order to enjoy basic services to either satisfy or fulfill your lifestyle.

The 24-hour security is one of the features of The Olive Place that is highly regarded by potential buyers and something that developers are proud of. This 24-hour surveillance system ensures the safety of the residents. Hence, you can enjoy your modern urban lifestyle without any worries. Peace of mind is a valuable premium for a lot of potential property investors.

If you lead an active lifestyle, there is no need to spend extra cash on gym memberships or fitness center classes. The condominium has its own gym and fitness center within the building. All residents are provided access to this gym for use whenever or however they want. If you would like to stay active, there is no need to go out for a run or to head to a nearby gym. You can stay inside the building to work out and pursue your active lifestyle.

The Olive Place also features its own pools and there are three of them to choose from. First off, there are pools available for kids. Hence, parents can take their kids to the pool for leisure without the need to go out. There are also regular swimming pools for adults to cool off during the summer or lap pools for those who want to practice their skills or get some exercise. There is also a playground provided for the residents’ kids that are constructed to be safe and secure for kids of all ages. For older kids, a game room is available within the building to satisfy their leisure needs without parents having to worry about their kids going out.

Another important thing to note about The Olive Place is that it is a pet-friendly building. Therefore, residents can bring in their furry friends such a pet dog, cat, or other types of pets into their residential units. It definitely adds to the appeal of this residential condominium, especially among pet lovers, which makes it another great lifestyle destination.

  • Game Room
  • Indoor Gym
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Adult Pool
  • Children's Playground
  • Meditation Garden
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For the ultimate pampering, The Olive Place features its own sauna room and Jacuzzi. Hence, you can pamper yourself and have your own spa day without the need to go out and look for spa centers nearby. If you want to relax or meditate so that you can get relief from the chaos and buzz of this busy metropolis, there is a landscaped Zen garden available for use by residents of this condominium. Better yet, you can head to the yoga deck to practice your poses. On top of the aforementioned amenities and facilities, there is a 24-hour concierge available for the residents. You can therefore employ their services at your disposal.

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